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Using a Mortgage Broker can help make it easier to achieve what you want to achieve

When you finally make the decision to invest in a property or in a project, or even just make the decision to improve your lifestyle in your later years, then Ocean Blue are able to source finance for almost any situation, for almost any stage of your life. It doesn't have to mean a headache for you because it's our role to be able to access lenders you may never have heard of.



We can offer you options, so that you can decide whether you would prefer a low interest rate and high fees, or a slightly higher interest rate and lower fees.


Did you know that there are lenders that will actually drop their interest rate for you, as each year passes, as your reward for choosing them?


Did you know that there are ways to invest in investment property whereby you will not need a deposit and not even need to cover stamp duty?


Did you know that there are things that some lenders will not tell you about because it's not the best product they have so that they make the most out of you?


Unless you choose your lender wisely you can be signing into a binding contract which may not necessarily be suitable for your medium to longer term goals.  That's where it becomes important to choose a broker - to help you navigate the literally hundreds of choices of loans that now exist.

When you use us as your mortgage broker, the service we provide is free to you and that's because the lender that you choose pays us a fee.   Regular business hours visits to your home or office visits are at no cost to you.  The only time there will be a fee charged is if we visit you after 6pm or on weekends ($195). 

We're confident we will be able to assist you in your purchase or refinance decisions, and as your property decisions grow, you can be confident that we have the knowledge and experience to be able to work with you to achieve your financial planning goals.  We look forward to hearing from you!






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Before you make any big decision, you will have lots of questions.

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