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One of Ocean Blue Finance's specialties is in Home Equity Release. 

We have a proven and highly successful track record in the provision of financial services and mortgages.  We specialise in providing you with the opportunity to unlock the equity you've worked hard to build up in your home. 

Purposes vary and can be purely to enhance your lifestyle for years to come, or investment in more property, or upgrades to your property, or these funds can be utilised in a structured investment plan.  Available to homeowners, equity can be used for a huge range of purposes.

Utilising equity can enhance your life, giving you the freedom to plan for tomorrow, today. 



How it can benefit you........  

  • Unlock your equity: Release an immediate lump sum or, access to this lump sum as needed.  As equity in your property grows, so too will your available limit and increases to credit limits can be applied for as soon as you believe your property has grown in value.
  • Security and comfort: Because you can continue living in your own home, you won't have to compromise your lifestyle and the security or comfort of your home.
  • Pay back: Some equity (line of credit) loans even allow you to capitalise your interest repayments which means there is no pay back until you reach your limit. 
  • Peace of mind: We only use top lenders for loans which means that, in combination with the Government's guarantees for borrowers, your loan is secure.

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