Interest Rates


Competitive loan interest rates




With so many lenders, Ocean Blue can offer you extremely competitive interest rates!


We can offer you the full range of products from a huge number of lenders.  Some of these are listed below.   



Top Lenders' Product Types

Loan Type
12 month intro variable
 12 month intro fixed
 3 year intro rate
 Line of credit
Basic variable home loan
Standard variable > $250,000
Standard variable < $250,000
Low Doc standard > $250,000
Low Doc standard < $250,000
 Low Doc Line of Credit > $250,000
Low Doc 2 year fixed
Low Doc 3 year fixed
 Low Doc 5 year fixed
Low Doc Line of Credit 3 year fixed
Low Doc less than 60% LVR
1 year fixed
2 year fixed
3 year fixed
4 year fixed
5 year fixed
10 year fixed

Rates are often able to be  negotiated for borrowing amounts above $250,000, $500,000 and $1M, as discounts apply for larger loan sizes  and profesional loan packages.


Please note:      Interest rates may be subject to change anytime without the knowledge of Ocean Blue or their consultants.  These rates are to be used as a guide only and for a formal quote on today's interest rates or more information please phone 07 3340 3600  or request a "Free Home Loan Assessment" by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it





How do you Choose your Credit Card?

We can find you the right loan but how do you find the right credit card?  With so many credit cards on offer and with many different features such as interest free days and varying fees, this site has investigated whether it's possible to have a credit card which won't cost you a cent. They compare cards, rates, rewards programs and other features and list them in a simple to follow table.  Click here to view: